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Want to lose weight and maintain your results by simply eating healthy?

Amazingly it's the only way to shed unwanted pounds and maintain the results long-term. Dieting and deprivation don't work — and here is why:

Dieting is a temporary food plan, it will sooner or later result in overeating and gaining even more weight.

Diets lack essential nutrients which means you don't make your body feel better, you are making it feel weaker.

Here are three keys that will help you reach your goal without sacrifices:

  • Healthy nutrient-packed food
  • Portion control
  • Eating schedule

Eating proper portions and eating the right foods are equally important. Smaller meals help keep your body functioning properly — you will feel energized throughout the day and easily stay away from sugary cravings. Keep your metabolism in top shape by practicing portion control and adding exercise to your day.

Nutrition Balance is here to prove that reaching your weight goals doesn't require starving or stressing out. And this is how it works.


Place your order for your healthy meal plan after a free consultation with our nutrition practitioner to discuss your personal weight goals. We check your current weight to set an achievable goal that will allow you to enjoy 4 meals a day without any restrictions.


We deliver your healthy and delicious meal plan weekly to your door. It includes 4 meals per day:

  • 1 breakfast
  • 1 lunch
  • 1 snack
  • 1 dinner

All packed with the right nutrients, portion-controlled and freshly cooked. It's as easy as it sounds — just follow your meal plan and lose up to 4 lbs a week with pleasure!


Track your results through a personal online journal and stay in touch with our nutritionist who will keep an eye on your progress by weekly follow-ups and ongoing support.

We will make sure you are on the right track until you reach your desired goal.


After reaching your desired weight goal continue with our weight maintenance plan that includes 10 to 15 meals per week. It will help you maintain your weight long-term and feel healthy, energized and inspired!

If weight loss is something you always dreamed about — then start right away with what actually works! Transform your body with Nutrition Balance without dieting and deprivation — simply enjoy the delicious taste of eating right!