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Manage your weight with our effective Weight Loss Meal Plan. We give you everything you need to succeed – portion controlled ready-to-eat meals and weekly nutritionist support.

The term 'portion control' shouldn't scare you — it doesn't mean having a tiny piece of a cucumber for lunch, not at all. What all people who struggle to lose weight know is that the most horrible thing while losing weight is your constant hunger. Portion control is a perfect way to eat as much as your body needs to be healthy and strong — and at the same time to not pack yourself with unnecessary calories.

When choosing Weight Loss Meal Plan Every week you receive 28 ready-to-eat meals in vacuum-sealed packaging. This corresponds to 4 meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack.

Another option is Weight Maintenance Meal Plans. It’s perfect option for maintaining your ideal weight and sticking to healthy eating habits. You can choose your own schedule starting from 10 ready-to-eat meals per week and up to 24 meals per week.

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