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Welcome to Nutrition Balance!

About Us

Nutrition Balance is helping Canadians to lose weight since 2016. And we do it in the most convenient and nutritious way - you lose weight while enjoying our delicious ready-to-eat meals.

Our motto ‘Eat more - weigh less’ is referring to the idea that you don’t have to starve or diet to lose weight. You just have to eat right. Portion control and balanced nutrition are the keys to your perfect body.

But here at Nutrition Balance we know that loosing weight is not only about food. Actually, today you have a great variety of meal delivery services who is offering you weight loss meal plans. We stand out for our dedication. We really care about you achieving your weight goals. That’s why we’re providing you with a constant support. Our team of qualified nutritionists is here to help: from choosing the plan that fits you most to weekly consultations and tracking your results. You will never feel lonely during your weight loss journey!

Our Story

Few years ago Ilona Gorelik - Humber College Food and Nutrition Management program graduate - was helping her mother to lose weight. She developed personalized menu aiming to pack nutrients into delicious recipes and control portion size. Success came not from food itself but together with constant support and professional guidance. And this is how the idea of this family business was born.

All started at home on a regular kitchen. Today Nutrition Balance is operating professionally equipped kitchen in Downtown Toronto with skilled chefs, restaurant grade ingredients and state-of-art packaging equipment.

Ilona and her team of qualified nutritionists is taking care of everyone who’s trying to lose weight, guiding them on every step of their weight loss journey. While her mother - Marina - is in charge of everything that comes to cooking, planning, procurement, arranging deliveries and so on.

Our Commitment

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