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In 2023 we will continue to expand our operations. First, our quickly growing delivery zone will soon cover not only Ontario but also Quebec and other provinces. By mid-year, we are aiming to start shipping Canada-wide.

Going across the country will become possible because of the new packaging we’ve been developing and testing recently. We are switching to a solution that will not only allow your meals to stay refrigerated for up to 3 days but also be environmental-friendly and fully recyclable.

Another significant milestone we will achieve is launching more delivery days while adding new meals to our menu. In early 2023 we are looking forward to introducing a 100% Vegan Weight Loss Meal plan.

In order to accommodate those exciting new features we are making some changes in our current operations:

New Delivery Schedule 

Customers currently on the Monday delivery schedule in the new year will start getting their meals on Tuesday. Those who are scheduled to receive their first delivery after the holiday break on Monday, January 9th, will get it on Tuesday, January 10th.

For the Thursday delivery schedule, the new day will be Friday. Instead of Thursday, January 5th, delivery will be conducted on Friday, January 6th.

Free Ontario Shipping

In the new year, we will gradually remove shipping fees for purchases within Ontario. All the new orders and subscription renewals that occurred after January 1st, 2023, would not be charged a shipping fee. 

Please be advised that no refund would be issued if the order was placed in 2022 with some remaining deliveries scheduled for 2023. 

Orders outside Ontario will be charged a $9.99 flat rate per weekly delivery.

Price Changes 

Starting January 1st, 2023, our meal plan prices will slightly increase by an average of 14%. Although together with the new free shipping feature, this won’t significantly impact your weekly/monthly total. 

For example, a weekly subscription for a complete 28-meals Weight Loss Meal Plan delivered in Brampton, ON, will cost $248.59 (tax included) in 2023 compared to $242.93 (delivery and tax included) in 2022. That’s just a $5.66 difference or a bit above a 2% increase.

Please note that the price increase will only affect the new orders and subscription renewals that occurred after January 1st, 2023. If the order was placed in 2022 with some deliveries scheduled for 2023, the price for the remaining deliveries wouldn’t go up until the next subscription renewal.

New, More Affordable Meal Plan

We are introducing a new 5-week meal plan. The main benefit of this prolonged plan is that the price per 1 week will be about the same as the price per 1 week within a 4-week meal plan in 2022. Considering free shipping, we see this new 5-week meal plan as a token of appreciation to our loyal customers, who will be able to save more than $100 while all the prices around are going up.

Please contact our customer service team if you would like to switch to a new 5-week meal plan.

An example price breakdown for Brampton, ON, delivery


4-week 2022

4-week 2023


















Total per 1 week




Total savings when buying 5-week plan




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