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3 portion control tips that really work

3 portion control tips that really work

Everyone wants to slim down while eating foods they love. While pursuing your weight management goals please remember one thing — almost all foods are allowed, but some of them don't need to be strictly limited (like vegetables), while others can still be enjoyed with caution (like desserts).

The term «portion control» shouldn't scare you — it doesn't mean having a tiny piece of a cucumber for lunch, not at all. What all people who struggle to lose weight will tell you is that the most horrible thing while losing weight is your constant hunger. When you feel hungry it comes to the point where you just snap. You overeat, feel guilty — and start all over again.

Portion control is a perfect way to eat as much as your body needs to be healthy and strong — and at the same time to not pack yourself with unnecessary calories.

So which tips really work for those who have already achieved great results with their weight management?

Choose the right size of your plates

You should only choose a large plate if you plan to fill it up with green veggies. For other meals it's recommended by nutritionists to downsize your dishes — and even spoons! This way you won't be tempted to put "just a bit more" on your plate.

Drink a glass of water before every meal

It might sound very obvious, but this rule works fantastically on everyone because it's just natural — when you have a glass of water before your lunch or dinner, you feel less hungry. This simple tip, if followed consistently, will prevent you from a habit of overeating, and will also keep you on the right track with your dream goals.

Eat slowly

If you eat fast you risk missing the moment when your stomach is actually full — but your brain still isn't. Take your time with a meal, try to enjoy every bite of it instead of rushing it, make it a special ritual to have your wonderful lunch or dinner.

Some things just cause us to eat more than we really want or need. Practice being mindful while eating — it will help you a lot to control your portions in an easy way.

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